Passive Fire Protection


New Product – Alvex-PF Capsules for Sprinkler Valves

In response to industry demand, McAllister Mills has recently launched Alvex-PF Capsules for protection of water mist valves. This innovative new product to the Alvex line, consists of a customized Alvex-PF Passive Fire Protection System, providing A60 protection for a crucial Valve system connected to the High Pressure Fire Mist System. Alvex-PF system provides ongoing assurances that these crucial systems will work when needed in a fire event. The customized system employs a unique lacing closure that can easily be opened to maintain the Valve and close again to maintain the 60 Minute protection from a fire. Quick installation, easy access to the valve when required. Lloyds certified and meets the U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

Lloyd's Type Approval Certification Complete for Alvex-PF

After months of rigorous testing by independent laboratories, Alvex-PF has received Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Fire Approval for A-60 rating.

This certification means that Alvex-PF complies with the latest SOLAS Regulation II-2/21 & II-2/22 which mandates the SAFE RETURN TO PORT for all new passenger vessels.

With this certification, Alvex-PF is the only A-60 rated insulation material that is flexible, versatile, and rated to 1100 deg. C. In addition, Alvex-PF 38mm nominal thickness allows for installation in tight spaces on board vessels.

Final Testing of ALVEX-PF Passive FireProtection System

ALVEX-PF is set for final Fire Testing the end of May 2011 to IMO and USCG standards. Application to Lloyds is complete, they await final testing for approval. Final testing and certifications are expected by early Summer.

Virginia based ALVEX– PF Production Facility Prepares for State of the Art Production

Production is set to begin in late May in Independence, Virginia USA at McAllister Mills' latest manufacturing site. Investments have been made in 2010 to produce ALVEX PF Passive Fire Systems for large programs in the following segments: Cruise Ships, Passenger Ferries, Offshore and other Specialty Ships. "Full scale production will be running by June 1, 2011," stated Mario Galindo, Global Sales Director for ALVEX PF.

ALVEX-PF Receives Accolades at Cruise Shipping Miami 2011

Increasing number of vacationers are booking passage on cruise vessels. They feel secure from fire at sea as they are aware of the multitude of sprinkler heads protruding from the bulkheads, ready to quickly extinguish any spark or flame.

In actual fact, there is up to 90 kms of unprotected pipe connecting these sprinkler heads that can fail due to heat from fire. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has now mandated the “Casualty Threshold, Safe Return to Port” initiative and ship equipment manufac- turers are taking up the challenge to design systems that meet this regulation.

McAllister Mills has developed ALVEX-PF Passive Fire Protection for high pressure water mist systems, that meets the IMO Regulation mentioned above. ALVEX-PF is a totally inorganic, flexible, high tempera- ture insulation specifically designed to provide passive fire protection for marine applications.

ALVEX-PF meets A-60 fire test, and it is being tested as per IMO FTP. Res.A.754 (18), which enables the key fire protection system to main- tain operation for one hour minimum so that the vessel can reach port in the event of a fire.

In addition, ALVEX-PF can also be used on electrical conduits and junctions, communication cables, and other vital systems aboard ves- sels.

McAllister Mills has applied for Lloyd’s Certification Type Approval for ALVEX-PF, which will be issued in the very near future. Parallel to this, the U.S. Coast Guard will be including ALVEX-PF in their Type Approval . We will being actual sales of ALVEX-PF within the next few months and will keep you all apprised of our progress.

ALVEX-PF Innovative Marine Passive Fire Protection System

ALVEX PF Systems are designed to protect Fire Spray System Piping and Tubing per the latest SOLAS regulation II-2/21 and II-2/22. ALVEX PF is a totally inorganic, flexible, high-temperature insulation specifically designed to provide passive fire protection for marine applications. ALVEX PF chemistry is designed to enhance biosolubility as well as provide superior fire resistance. ALVEX PF provides high tensile strength, flexibility and superior thermal and acoustical properties. ALVEX PF is chemically stable and its thermal properties are unaffected after exposure to water immersion or high humidity. ALVEX PF is lightweight and easy to install.